Floor membranes

Fortuna Industries has a proven history in manufacturing quality products high grade damp and waterproofing materials together with good technical service and support. Fortuna DPM(Damp Proof Membrane) is a unique, moisture tolerant, high density product which prevents the passage of water vapor, heat and moisture through floors. Floor Membranes manufactured by us are tough damp-proofing membranes that can be laid on top of any kind of floors. They are thicker than conventional sheets or any dun-age material. They are high in Puncture resistance are cost-effective, and can be quickly and installed. They come with nearly Zero Moisture migration. They are widely used for flooring in warehouses for preserve grains, pulses, sugar, fertilizers etc. They are used to isolate damp/salt contained walls. They prove to be highly effective for Lining for grounds or soil and various uses in construction industry.We guarantee our product with 7 years Warranty.

Why Fortuna DPM

  •  A tough damp-proofing membrane that can be laid on top of any kind of floors
  •  Thicker than conventional sheets or dunnage material
  •  High puncture resistance
  •  Cost-effective, fast and easy installation
  •  Nearly zero moisture migration
  •  Long life with 7 years warranty  !

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